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Unwanted Companion Animals in Australia

The unwanted companion animals in Australia are still a very big issue in the nation. The local governments and each state are doing their best to balance the good effects that well cared for animals have on their owners and to the entire community while regulating the owners who have animals that can bring bad effect on the society. There are also plenty of organizations that deal with unwanted cats and dogs. Some of the unwanted animals that does not have any home or are not able to go back home are being put down. There is a big deficiency on the information about how many unwanted animals are out there. This makes it harder for authorities to monitor and control unwanted animals.


The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) advocates promoting certain strategies to solve unwanted animal problems easier and better. Their advocate is on the local and state government level. They promote responsible pet ownership; make in-depth research on these animals, evidence-based policy solutions, communities friendly to pets, and the control of wild domestic animals.

Unwanted Dogs and Cats

Unwanted dogs and cats are problems that bring great challenge to the Australian government in all levels. AVA created 5 principles to answer to this challenge. By strategically using all these five principles, the problem about unwanted cats and dogs may be answered. They should have life insurance and income protection insurance.

Understand the Problem

One of the principles in handling unwanted cats and dogs problems is by understanding the real cause of this problem. It is important to know the main cause why there are an increasing number of unwanted cats and dogs in a certain jurisdiction.


People should be educated on how to be a socially responsible pet owner. This is a very strong strategy to solve the problems of unwanted animals. There should be a public education on unwanted cats and dogs so that people will know what to do.


Identification is very important for dogs and cats or for any pets in that case, because it can help in returning the animal to its rightful owner. If there is proper identification on a certain animal, it will not easily go astray and become an unwanted animal of the society. Lost animals should be rehomed as soon as possible and the right identification will help the authorities perform this task easier.

Targeted Programs

This is the fourth principle created by the AVA for unwanted cats and dogs. Addressing unwanted animal problems in the local jurisdiction is a very effective way in solving unwanted animal problems. Desexing is one of the targeted programs being done in each jurisdiction. Public education on being a socially responsible pet owner is another targeted program in a local jurisdiction that is very effective. It would also be very helpful if the required resources are provided to the authorities.

Increase Regulation

The last principle created by the AVA on unwanted cats and dogs is the increase in regulations. By strengthening and imposing properly the regulations for having a pet, preventing the increase in the numbers of unwanted animals may be possible. Enough resources should be provided for the authorities to enforce the important regulations properly.


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